My birthday

Today is another year without my mom to celebrate my birthday. I still have the last card she gave me. I keep it tucked away safely in a storage box with some of her other personal things. A few days ago I pulled it out of the box to read it. I wondered what it […]


I know I’m supposed to remember your love and not that I lost you. But it’s impossible not to. I don’t get to hear your voice every day. I can’t talk to you about things I’m going through. I will never hear your advice on how to face challenges in life as each year passes. […]

You just don’t get over grief

I have to admit I was a nervous wreck after my first blog post. I was afraid of what people might think, especially my family. I have never shared anything so personal about my life to anyone, much less to potentially thousands of people online. I’m so used to keeping things to myself that I […]